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Anti Abortion Social Club
w/ Brooke Larkin and Mallory Finch

Brooke Larkin is a Prolife Activist that works full time in the prolife movement as the Southeast Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America. Mallory Finch is Prolife Activist that has spoken about the evils, racism, exploitation of the abortion industry.

Society wants you to believe that pro-lifers are all old white men. We are here to break that stereotype. We want to show that young adult women minorities as well make up the pro-life movement as well.  Our goal is to change the narrative by telling other young women the truth about abortion and show they can speak up as well.  We speak at churches, youth groups, events, and many other places. 

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Pro-life Life Affirming Resources

Find Your Pregnancy Resource Center:

Federally Funded Health Centers:


Embrace Grace:

Save the Storks:

Vans for Life:


Let Them Live:

Human Coalition:


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