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Chloe' Russell is an admin professional by day and a college student by night. She prefers to stay busy and is always helping her friends with their various side jobs. She's volunteered for a number of historical based events which led to her going back to school to pursue a bachelor's in history! 


She loves all things turtles and has a young, freshwater turtle named Caddo. You can probably find her drinking coffee, reading, playing Minecraft with her sister- the only game she's somewhat good at- or working on her 288 sq. ft. tiny home!


One of her favorite verses is also one she shares with her amazing Mother, "Although I have fallen, I will rise" Mikhah (Micah) 7:8. You won't find her online sundown Friday to sundown Saturday as she observes Shabbat with an online fast every week, but any other time is fair game, even 3 in the morning! 

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