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An Open Letter to President Trump from a Republican Prolifer

Dear President Trump,

My name is Elise. I am a young woman living in a red state, and I was one of your voters in the 2020 election. Although I was not old enough to participate in the previous cycle, I watched that 2016 news coverage with hope that we’d see you in office over your democratic opponent, and it was with great relief we saw you sworn into the office of president.

The entire country, and indeed the world, watched as you protected us from threats (both foreign and domestic). Your administration went above and beyond to help us thrive: showing honor to historically abused native tribes, encouraging the utilization and protection of our natural resources, passing laws to fight against human trafficking, and generally increaing the number of working Americans along with their average incomes (1). So when I say I will not be voting for you in the 2024 primaries, know that these are the not the words of your opposition.

I am writing this letter primarily in response to your recent NBC interview (2), in which you disparaged the initiatives of several states to protect the lives of their preborn citizens. Specifically you identified Florida’s 6-week abortion ban as “a terrible thing and a terrible mistake” (3). What I would like to know is why, Mr. President, you feel this way.

In the event you are unaware, let me fill you in on what a human embryo is and has accomplished at this point in time, the time at which you say protecting them is “a terrible thing”. 6-week embryos have a four chambered heart and electrical activity in the brain and nervous system. They have distinguishable hands and feet, fingers and toes (4)… and yet they are not worthy of preservation?

Maybe you were intimidated by the aggression of your interviewer; she was very obviously not a neutral party in your discussion. But I wonder if maybe the “outsider” Trump we elected seven years ago has turned politician, given now to the misdirections and non-answers of his chosen people. And that, I believe, is what will cost you re-election in 2024.

Your voter base has consisted, primarily, of conservative Christians (5): the majority of whom are pro-life (6). When you refused to take a firm stance on abortion in your recent interview, it shook our confidence that you would be willing to do so once in office. When you expressed scorn for the hard work of life-affirming states to pass heartbeat laws, it illuminated exactly what you believe about human dignity during early development.

Your comments showed myself and other life-honoring Americans that you view our deeply-held convictions as a tool for manipulation, a proverbial carrot to dangle in front of us at the ballot box. Your promises to sit down with both sides and “negotiate” until everyone is happy shout two things to anyone listening: that you are desperate to be liked, and you are willing to compromise to accomplish it. As it was your uncompromising drive that won you your presidency, this new approach would seem to be ill-advised for a repeat victory.

Your Truth Social post further demonstrates that you have no respect for those who have spent the past 50 years fighting to promote a culture of life. Comments like “Pro lifers had absolutely zero status on the subject of abortion until I came along” and “Before our victory, they had nothing, and they will have nothing again if we don’t win” reveal your hubris and demonstrate just how little you understand our movement (7). Because while we thank you for your contribution in overturning Roe and rejoice in that, we know that engaging the culture and making abortion unthinkable is just as important as changing the laws, such as Florida and South Carolina’s 6 week ban.

I am incredibly proud of my state for pushing our heartbeat bill through into law: it took over a year and the tireless work of many. We will not sanction a commander in chief who is ashamed of such advancements in the goals of his own platform and party. The silent majority stands with the voiceless, and you, Mr. President, have made it clear that you do not.

Remember who you’re fighting for.

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Elise Seanor
Elise Seanor
Sep 29, 2023

Thanks for letting me share 💛


Mallory Finch
Mallory Finch
Sep 28, 2023

This is really well written! I totally agree. It encompasses a lot of what I am feeling. It’s very disappointing seeing someone who was so integral to the overturning of Roe completely backtrack. It truly feels like he manipulated prolifers to get our vote. For him to flip flop like that shows he has no conviction.

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