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Why I Am Conservative by Mallory Finch

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

When I think of conservatism, I think of it as a conserving the values our founding fathers put in the Constitution. The values that have helped our country become the greatest country in the entire world. Some of these values include limited government, liberty, freedom of speech, human dignity, equality, freedom of religion, private property, and rule of law just to name a few. I also think of it as truly allowing for diversity of thought. I see it more as a way to think freely.

I consider myself conservative merely for two reasons. The first is because it aligns with my world view. I am unashamedly a Christian and when I compare the values of Christianity to many of the things found in the constitution, I see a parallel. I am not saying that the Republican party is the party of the Bible or that Jesus was a republican. I am just saying that when I compare the values such as the dignity of life with what’s shown in the Bible it aligns with conservativism. The second reason is because I believe it is what’s best for our country. When you look at the history of the country and the implementation of the conservative values all across our nation, you can see the values that work best for our country.

America isn’t perfect, but man we are blessed. God has truly blessed us with a great nation to care for and grow. I love the diversity of people, but also diversity of thought. We are blessed to be able to stand up for causes and issues we believe in without fear of the government. We are blessed that we are able to work hard and follow our dreams. We are blessed that we can dislike things in our government and work to change it. When November comes up, we have a chance to make a real difference in our future. This very well may be the most important election of our generation so many things are on the line. Everyone lets choose wisely.

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