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Fact Sheet: Episode 93 | No Such Thing as Unplanned w/ Annie Fitzgerald

Listen here:

Annie Fitzgerald was adopted from Russia when she was six months old. Growing up she struggled with feeling like there was a plan and purpose in her life as she realized she was “unplanned.” After years of reflection and healing, she came to realize that in God's eyes there is no such thing as unplanned. She began to share her story and found many adoptees related to it and others were inspired. In March 2020 she founded No Such Thing As Unplanned, a platform where adoptees can connect, share and find support- in order to reach out and help other adoptees struggling through providing resources and by building up a community of adoptees to show that no adoptee is ever alone.

"given up for adoption" <<<<<<<< "placed for adoption"

"gotcha day" <<<<<<< "family day"

"birth mother" <<<<<< "expected mother"

Bad= real parent

Good= "biological parent" "adoptee parent"

Follow on Instagram: @nosuchthingasunplanned

Follow Annie on Instagram: @theanniefitz

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