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It's Fall Y'all: Five Fall Activities to Do with the Girlies

Happy Fall y’all!!!

It’s now every girl’s favorite season. I used to be ashamed because I thought it was corny, but I can now proudly say “Autumn is my favorite season too”. From the clothes to the colors to the foods- fall is such a fun season. I get a lot of messages about making friends and building a community in a new city. Well ladies, here are some activities you can do this fall.

1. Have a mystery party. This has been on my list for a really long time. I saw the advertisement for this on Instagram a few weeks ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Invite everyone you know over to your house and tell them you are going to solve a crime. You can tell everyone to dress up as detectives however they interpret that. It will be a great night to see everyone’s personal style and as the night progresses you’ll see everyone’s personality come through. Unsolved Case Files Game

2. Get the girlies together for Apple Picking. Depending on where you live it can even be a road trip activity. You can send out a Spotify link for everyone to add their favorite road trip music. All of you can dress up in your favorite plaid attire, pick apples, and take lots of pictures. You can round out the trip by stuffing your face with Apple Donuts and any other activity the orchard offers! This is also a similar activity you can do at a pumpkin patch.

3. Host a bonfire. A great way to relax and have deep conversations is sitting by a fire. Bonfires are really fun and pretty nostalgic for me personally. Growing up my family was family friends with a family that held a bonfire once a year. We kids would go and play in the backyard, listen to music, and dance while the adults talked by the fire. Now as an adult, taking by fire is the fun part for me. You can roast marshmallows and hotdogs. And then play games where you get to know each other better that don’t require cards.

4. Have a chilly night in and watch a fall themed movie. Make some chilly and have the girlies over for a fall- themed movie night. I recommend Over the Garden Wall. It’s 10/ 15ish minute episodes (a little less than 2 hours of commitment) about two brothers who end up in a strange forest trying to get home. It’s a very sweet show that will make you feel super warm inside. I highly recommend it. I found this list of other fall themed movies. I can’t vouch for all of them but it certainly is a variety list! I don’t know if I would have put School of Rock on this list, but the author felt the need to! Fall-themed Movie List

5. Paint and Pasta Night. Now this can be done any time during the year, but I wanted to add it because it seems fun and relaxing and you can make it fall- themed. You can get a fall- themed paint- by- number kit and make some yummy pasta. You can also head to TikTok or Pinterest to find fall- themed drinks. Paint-by-Number Pumpkin Painting

These are just some ideas for some fall- themed activities for you and the girlies to do in the next couple of months. I know that friendship is very important as we try to navigate our twenties and thirties. I encourage everyone to put themselves out there and use these activities to build a friendship.

Also for those that are in the Charlotte area, I want to invite you to our Pumpkin Patch Meet Up! On October 14 at 1pm we are gathering at Hall Family Farm to take pictures, play games, and eat yummy food. RSVP

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