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Lil Nas X, Ari, and Modern Dating Dynamics | Episode 259

January 15, 2024

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Mal has a new friend as the cohost today, Jay. Warning this is a long episode, but every part is totally worth it. Jay comes on as they discuss Lil Nas X's antics from a Christian perspective, Arianna's new video, an update on Gypsy Rose, a man suing his "Are we dating the same guy?" Facebook group, and more modern dating dynamics. There was a technical difficulty so you know this is going to be an episode filled with a lot Biblical truths. This is a great episode for all pop culture enjoying Christian girlies. Let us know what you think of Arianna's new music video, have you moved on from her because of her antics or are you still listening? Why do you think Lil Nas X continues to mock Christianity? Do you think Gypsy Rose is manipulative? Have you seen the tides change against Gypsy Rose? Are you in the Are we dating the same guy? Facebook group in your town? Has it been toxic? Do you think the girl should attend her best friend's wedding or her boyfriend's sisters wedding? This is a long and hearty episode thank you for everyone who listens. Make sure you share with your friends. There is a lot to discuss.

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