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Mal's Tips for a Great New Year

Happy New Year! Ready or not 2024 is here. It’s also a Monday. It’s truly a fresh beginning. This is a great time of the year to sit down and think about your life. Reflect on your past and make plans for your future. EPISODE 254 Mal and Isabel give 5 tips each on how to have a great new year. Listen to the full episode to hear all 10 tips. Read below to see Mal’s.

  1. Write down your goals and put them somewhere you will see them

When you write down your goals and place them somewhere you can see them every day, you are more likely to complete the goal. It will also be a reminder whenever you go about your day to take action and make steps that support your goals.

2. Try Sober January

This doesn’t just mean abstaining from alcohol. This also means take a break from other drugs, social media, caffeine, or anything you feel you are addicted to. You should take a look at your life and see where you are spending too much time. For social media, maybe put your phone down an hour before bed. 

3. Spend this year focusing on your friendships

A great way to keep friendships is by being a good friend. This year you can work on being a good and present friend. We are all craving community. Let this be the year you find that community and build it. Ex. Throw a party, a worship night, go to the movies, go to the pool, have a bonfire, or get to know your neighbors. Stay up to date on all of our meetups too to make cool and fun friends. EVENTS

4. Start a new hobby and stick with it 

Find something that you enjoy and really spend time doing it. It will be a great stress reliever, a way to meet new friends, and can make you a more well rounded person. 

5. Prioritize health 

Don’t let the haters get you down. If you have to put losing weight on your list again, so what? Turn yourself around and keep going. Get your hormones, thyroid, and/or blood tested and let this be the year you get to the root of your issues and you take control over your health.  Find the best solution for you. Advocate for yourself. And don’t let anyone tell you what’s best for your body. You know your body better than anyone else. It’s your life, do what you need to do for you! Walking pad I use at work

We have a lot of great things planned for all of our Other Girls. Join our EMAIL LIST and join our PATREON to stay up to date about all that’s going to happen in 2024. If you are going to the March for Life this year do not go alone, join us! We will be happy to have you. I pray all y’all have an amazing 2024 filled with happiness and fulfilled dreams. See you soon!



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