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RNC Recap

This past week was the Republican National Convention (RNC). It was the highlight of the week. For those that don’t know, I actually interned with the RNC over this past summer. Unfortunately, my time was cut short (thanks COVID) and a lot of things I worked weren’t able to come to fruition. But the people who were able to put together the virtual convention did such an incredible job on a short time frame (thanks again COVID). From being on the inside I can’t express how hard so many people work on these things. The convention was so well put together. It was significantly better than the Democratic National Convention (DNC). As someone on twitter described: DNC: “Trump is bad” and RNC: “America is great.” I think that pretty much summed up the difference.

My absolute favorite speech was Abby Johnson’s speech on the second day of the convention. She stepped on the platform in her 1972 pin from Culture of Life 1972- on a national platform and graphically described an abortion. It was horrific and made me tear up, but I’m glad she did it. It needed to be done. There are still many people who don’t know the reality of an abortion. Hollywood, planned parenthood, and many other organizations work together to make sure we don’t know the real horrors of abortion. She even explained the smell of abortion. It never crossed my mind that abortions had smells. It was an impactful speech. I will leave a link to it at the end of the blog.

The best part of the RNC to me were the regular everyday people that spoke. There was a woman who benefited from the Right to Try Act that the President signed into office, there was a business owner who received a PPP Loan, the couple who became famous for protecting their home from a BLM mob, and Nick Sandmann, the kid who was smeared by CNN at the March for Life two years ago and then CNN paid him an LARGE undisclosed amount. Listening to all of these speakers made me excited for the future. The speeches gave me hope. It was a great idea to have so many different that are showing concrete results made by policies put in place over the last four years.

We also heard from any politicians/ political advisors who spoke sharing stories, warnings, and encouragement. We heard from my personal favorite Kayleigh McEnany. She shared her struggle with the BRCA gene that says she had an 84% chance of breast cancer. It was a moving story about how the president helped her through it. We also heard from another favorite of mine, Senator Tim Scott. He epitomized the American dream and made the best quote that night, “Our family went from Cotton to Congress in one lifetime.” His speech was motivating and once again it got me excited for my personal future.

As a young conservative the most impactful speech for me was the 25 year old, Madison Cawthorn (I’m also 25). He is also a fellow North Carolinian and Young Republican (we have a lot in common). He spoke about how, we young people can make a difference in our country. I can see it. A lot of people in our generation have stepped up. It was encouraging hearing from someone who had faced so much adversity be so positive and step up and make a change. At the end of his speech, when discussing being a radical for liberty, he stood from his wheelchair. Genuinely, brought tears to my eyes.

The first lady spoke on Wednesday which was the 100 year anniversary of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. As usual she spoke with poise and grace about the Coronavirus and protest. With class she offered sympathy for victims of the coronavirus and police brutality. I thought it was great, especially because Republicans are accused of lacking compassion. Lastly, the president spoke. His speech was over an hour and in President Trump fashion he spoke how felt. This was the icing on the cake for me. It gave me hope and motivation for our future.

I truly care about policy over parties or people. I want politicians that are going to make real changes to our country. I am prolife, that is the number one thing I look for. I vote prolife first. I believe in limited government, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and that we should be able to freely practice our religion. I want to help those who need help with my own money through nonprofits and churches. These are the things that are important to me when I am voting. I encourage everyone reading this to consider what is important to them. Also not to be short sighted during this election. It’s the most important election of our life and there are so many things at steak. Please everyone research, pray, register, pray, and vote.

Noteable speeches:

Natalie Harp, Right To Try Act:

Kayleigh McEnany’s speech:

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