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‘Those Other’ Women’s History Month: And on to Day 8 with Kay Coles James

Of course, we couldn’t forget to include the writer of the article that inspired this very blog series; Kay C. James! James, the President of the Heritage Foundation, is an inspirational lady who has spent her life fighting for traditional American values, free enterprise, individual freedoms, and limited government. Don’t forget to read up on some other awesome conservative women in our past blogposts, but today, let’s talk about Kay C. James!

After reading this article by the very same, Kay C. James that expresses the lack of conservative women in Women’s History Month, I was inspired to create my own list! And of course, ever inspired by Mallory and listening to the ‘Those Other Girls’ Podcast, the name ‘Those Other Women’s History Month’ came to me! Excited to partner with TOG on this awesome profile series on inspirational conservative women!

Kay Coles James

"The criticism usually goes only to the religious right. ‘Bigots’, ‘intolerant’, ‘hateful’ - those labels get slapped on quickly and usually when we are winning debates and scoring points against liberals." -Kay Coles James

Kay C. James was born in 1949 in Portsmouth, VA, and she is best known for her role as President of the Heritage Foundation. She is the first African American woman to hold that role at The Heritage Foundation, and under her leadership, Heritage has been labeled the No. 1 thinktank in the world based on the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program.

James’ story is inspirational; she grew up in housing projects, and was actually one of the first children to take part in the movement to desegregate Virginia’s all-white schools. Through a life of hard-work and dedication, she graduated from the HBCU, Hampton University, she served 4 presidents, and eventually became the President of The Heritage Foundation.

Prior to her work with Heritage, she was involved in grassroots conservative activism at all levels and she has continuously advocated for the importance of family, education, welfare reform, and limited government. She was appointed by President Ronald Reagan and appointed again by President H.W. Bush to the National Commission on Children. Following that time, she was appointed as Virginia’s Secretary of Health and Human Resources, and she worked as Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management by President G.W. Bush. During President Trump’s administration, she was a commissioner on the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission as well.

Even during her time at Heritage, she has received multiple honorary degrees and awards, as well as serving on many corporate boards. This woman works tirelessly to promote individual freedoms, and for that and all of her work, she is an absolute trailblazer. Kay Coles James absolutely deserves to be celebrated during Women’s History Month, and we are so glad she called out the mainstream media’s coverage of conservative women, especially during this important month. Conservative women have made huge strides advocating for women’s rights, the rights of the pre-born, fighting for religious and individual liberty, and so much more. Thanks, Kay C. James!

"I didn’t become a conservative despite my roots; I became a conservative because of them." -Kay Coles James

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