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‘Those Other’ Women’s History Month: On to Day Two with Condoleezza Rice

On to Day Two of celebrating the incredible Conservative women who have made great strides in our country and in our world! Too often, as we noted in our first piece, conservative women are left out of the narrative when it comes to Women’s History Month, and we are sick of it!

After reading this article by Kay C. James that expresses the lack of conservative women in Women’s History Month, I was inspired to create my own list! And of course, ever inspired by Mallory and listening to the ‘Those Other Girls’ Podcast, the name ‘Those Other Women’s History Month’ came to me! Excited to partner with TOG on this awesome profile series on inspirational conservative women!

Condoleezza Rice

"You might not be able to control your circumstances, but you can control your response to circumstances." -Condoleeza Rice

As a kid growing up during the Bush era, I remember seeing Condoleezza Rice on the TV A LOT! It always excited me to know that women could do anything...even work for the President...or even, following that logic, BE the President! So, of course I had to include her high up on this list!

Condoleezza Rice was born in Alabama in 1954, and she is best known for her work as a National Security Advisor under President George W. Bush.

A passionate student and also a musician, Rice went to University of Denver at only age 15! She got her B.A. in International Relations, her masters in Economics from North Dame, and her doctorate in International Relations at University of Denver as well! After her education, she joined as a staff member at Stanford University.

Rice was an expert on eastern and Central Europe as well as the Soviet Union. In 1986, she was assistant to the Joint Chiefs of staff on nuclear strategy...and eventually, she became the Director for Soviet and Eastern European affairs for the National Security Council, and she was assistant to the President.

Rice joined the Bush administration as a foreign policy advisor in 1999, and did incredibly important work advising the President during tumultuous moments in US History, such as September 11, 2001. And in 2005, she became the first African American woman to take the position of Secretary of State. From there, she wrote many important works!

Condoleezza Rice was an intelligent and hard-working conservative woman who paved the way for many women to come!

"When you find your passion, it's yours. Not what someone else thinks it should be." -Condoleezza Rice

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