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Vaping, Men vs Women, and Child Marriage | Episode 246

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October 7, 2023

Mal and freeman are back with a great Teacap. The girls discuss what’s going on with the speaker of the house, colors, whether women should fight their husbands battles, Planned Parenthood supporting child marriage. It’s a story packed episode. Let us know what do you think? Is there a way to describe a color without using another color? Do you think the appropriate for a man to only approach a man in regards to a disagreement or if the man should jump in if it’s directed at him?

Articles in this episode:

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Elise Seanor
Elise Seanor
09. Okt. 2023

See I don’t have an issue with her saying the surgery is gonna save her life. It reminds me of the post you see regarding suicide. Whatever you need in that moment to keep going, that’s good enough for right now. Your fish needs to be fed, you told someone you’d go to lunch next week, you have tickets to a movie… obviously that won’t last long term, but you take baby steps.

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