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We make entertainment for those who can not entertain themselves.

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Those Other Girls with Mallory and Friends

We talk life, relationships, career, and pop culture from a Christian conservative perspective.


Diapers and Degrees

This podcast encourages young women in college or not in college who find themselves pregnant. Victoria Avelar shares her experience as a pregnant and parenting student and how she overcame the initial challenge of an unplanned pregnancy. Victoria also invites hosts to share their story or organizations to help women in unplanned pregnancies. 



Oops, Spoilers!

Movies, TV shows, and Books have the power to take us to another world. They are the perfect form of escapism. Listen as Mal and Other Girls discuss all forms of entertainment from popular tv shows to obscure movies. They'll even give a TOG score. We could say more, but Oops, Spoilers! 


Coming soon

coming soon

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