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Lizzo, Aliens, and High School Conservatives | Episode 236

August 4, 2023

Listen HERE

Mal and Freeman talk about some of the biggest headlines. The girls dive into all of the Lizzo drama, confirmation of aliens in Congress, and why young women are not identifying as conservatives. We laugh, get very serious, and laugh some more. Grab you Weekly Teacap Mug (available on our site) and sit down and listen a tea filled episode.

What’s your song of the summer?

What are issues you think young women are looking for solutions for?

Do you think their aliens? If so, what do you think they are?

Articles in the episode:

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Elise Seanor
Elise Seanor
Aug 05, 2023

Ngl I’m a little shook you guys are alien believers 😅😭

Elise Seanor
Elise Seanor
Aug 06, 2023
Replying to

I’m not saying it’s impossible but I just don’t think anyone’s “out there” except in the spiritual realm

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