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Fact Sheet: Episode 40 | Hollywood, Human Trafficking, and Our Children w/ Landon Newsom Starbucks

Landon Newsom Starbucks is singer, podcast host, mother of 3, and was formerly in Hollywood.

Listen here:

In this episode we learned:

1. Need to make sure you and your children have a sense of identity- in Christ

2. Advice to not get caught up in Hollywood

a. Make the motivation is the validation

b. If it’s dance find a studio that is appropriate

c. Signs “I want to be a Youtuber” “I want to be a star”- they want to do it for validation

d. What feeling do they want validation vs joy

3. CSAM= Child Sexual Abuse Material

4. Some victims refer to themselves as sex workers to reclaim their self worth

5. Over 70% of sex workers have been raped or abused by the buyers

6. How to approach someone who is in sex work to help

a. Love

b. Empath

c. With a life line

d. Make sure they know they deserve better

e. Make care packages

f. Support organizations that have been trained or get trained (don’t go into without training you can do more damage than good)

7. We can interfere with kids at foster care and kids who are left alone

8. Don’t have to come in with a being the hero mindset, come in with loving mindset

9. If we stop watching sexual exploitation the demand goes down

10. Fight the New Drug is a great resource for anti porn

11. Porn is just two clicks away from children

12. Promotes the exploitation of children and women

13. Look at Join Exodus, Exodus Cry, and Trafficking Hub

14. Porn hub does not require age or consent verification

15. Tips for parents to protect them

a. Hollywood is run by pedophiles. Its not a healthy place to raise a child

b. Clean the home from inside out

i. Some of the “parental apps” do NOT work on purpose

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