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Fact Sheet for Episode 38 | Human Trafficking Awareness w/ Traci Klein

Traci Klein is the executive director of True Justice International. True Justice International’s “goal is to fight human trafficking in our local and global communities through Christ- centered strategic initiatives with goal to reach, raise up, and restore.”

Listen here:

In this episode we learned:

  1. Tipline: 1-888- 373- 7888

  2. North Carolina is consistently in the top 10 for human trafficking

  3. Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry in the world.

  4. It’s low risk, high demand.

  5. It’s a $150 million business

  6. With COVID, it’s gone up about 20%

  7. Family are the #1 traffickers

  8. Breakdown of trafficking

    1. 36% are family members

    1. 27% are boyfriends

    2. 14% are employers

    3. 9% are strangers

  9. Average age of victims are 12-14 years old

  10. Signs to watch out for in children:

    1. Isolation

    2. Pushy w/sex

    3. Vague about job

  11. Boys are being trafficked through video games

  12. What can we do?

    1. Pray

    2. Hold awareness events

    3. Give of time, talents, and money

    4. Report! Report! Report!

  13. Homeless kids and runaways are prime targets

  14. Porn fuels human trafficking

    1. Teens are the most searched section on porn

    2. People use porn more than Netflix and Amazon Prime combined

  15. How can we help True Justice Intl

    1. Monthly donations

    2. Toiletries

    3. Shampoo

    4. Body wash

    5. Tampons/pads

    6. Gift cards (Walmart, target, ect)

  16. Sites for help




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