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Happy National Voter Registration Day

Happy National Voter Registration Day!

As I am writing this we are 42 days out from arguably the most important election we will have in our life time. We are incredibly blessed to live in this country and have the ability to make change. As the day days get closer we will definitely talk more about voting and why we should, but I wanted to talk a little bit more about it now.

Having a safe and free election isn’t something every country has. Many of our ancestors have worked hard for us to be able to have this opportunity. When you vote you aren’t just voting for the President you are voting for the next Supreme Court Justice, your governor, your state representative, Congress members as well as local referendums that will affect your daily life. Your vote can truly make a difference, ESPECIALLY on the local level. The way our world has been polarized your one vote can be the difference between keeping laws that protect you and laws that want to take away your rights.

When you go into that booth, no one else will be there. Your vote is between you and God. Also remember ladies, you don’t have to vote Democrat.

Here’s some voter registration information:

· Make sure you are registered to vote. You can check here

· If you are not registered to vote you can visit your local DMV or head over to

· The last day to register to vote varies from state to state. In NC it is In Person: The Saturday before Election Day if voting early in person. By Mail: Postmarked 25 days before Election Day. Online: 25 days before Election Day. Check out this site and select your state

· Last day to request absentee ballot (important college students) is at least 7 days before the election day.

· Last day to turn in absentee ballot varies from state to state. In NC In Person: Received by 5pm 7 days before Election Day.By Mail: Received by 5pm 7 days before Election Day Online: Received 7 days before Election Day. Check out this site and select your state

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