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The ability to bear a child: only women have this gift.

Nurturer, caregiver, life-bearer, educator, Women play a crucial role in society, yet they are often degraded and told they “can’t” do the very thing that makes women unique beyond compare: bearing children.

In the past few years, abortion and abortion “rights” have been a hot topic. During this Women’s History Month, let’s take a step back and talk about if what society is telling women that they need is really helping women advance... or if it may be the very thing holding us back.

Abortion, or the killing of a child in utero, does not only kill baby boys... it kills baby girls! In

fact, statistically speaking, half of the babies killed through abortion each day are little girls. We can’t claim to be “for” the progress and success of women if we are killing off our future!

One of the most significant roles that women play in society is that of caregivers. Women are

often the primary caregivers in families, responsible for the health, education, and well-being of their children, elderly parents, and other family members. This is not disordered- this is GOOD!

Women have engrained in them a sense of nurturing, and are happiest living out that vibrant

femininity. We also (naturally) play a crucial role in maintaining social relationships and providing emotional support to their families and communities. Especially in the workforce, women’s ability to show emotion and build connections can often be seen as a weakness or

“inappropriate.” Here at Those Other Girls, we believe it is the opposite: women’s ability to feel deeply and foster community needs to be taken hold of and used to its fullest extent!

So here at Those Other Girls, we challenge you women, during this Women’s History Month

take ahold of your power as a woman: your power to foster life, to feel deeply, to create

community, and use it to help make the world a better place!

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